Problem navigation with ionic-view

When you put the title in a ‘ion-nav-title’ tag instead of the ‘view-title’ attribute in ‘ion-view’ tag, the back button on the nav-bar contain ‘back’ and not the title !

And I need to use the tag because my title is an angular variable.

How can I fix it ?

I Have kind of the same problem I eliminate the from the main index file and I put it a header on each view in order to get the title and the arrow, then I attach the click event to the arrow so using $state to go to any state I wish; in my case goHome()

   <ion-header-bar class="bar-positive">
              <div class="buttons">
                <button class="button icon  ion-arrow-left-c"  on-tap="goHome()"></button>
              <h1 class="title">{{barTitle}}</h1>

Well it’s a solution but not the best way, maybe something will be released to fix the problem ?

Could you provide a small demo of this in a codepen?

Sure, have you the codeopen relative to the ionic side menu exemple ($ ionic start myApp sidemenu) ?
I can modify it to show you the problem.

In this one, I have just put the title in the ion-nav-title tag for the playlists.html template and when you click on one playlist, it put ‘back’ in the nav bar instead of ‘playlists’