Sidemenu View Transitioning to Subview with Tabs Doesn't Have Back Button or Correct View Title

I’m having issues with sidemenus and tabs in this CodePen. The tabs show up when you click the link, but there is no back button and the title is the previous view-title.

With regards to the view-title I’m assuming view-the title doesn’t work since it is within the ion-tab, since I can add a title to the outer ion-view and it will show up and be the same for all the tabs. Which isn’t what I thought it would do, but not sure how to get the header to pick up the inner view view-title found within the tab.

Any suggestions?

Your codepen is using the latest nightly which is based on the latest stable version (1.3.1), and still has this known bug:

Downgrade to 1.3.0 and you should see your back button and view-titles working again.