getPreviousTitle bug?


I want to use the getPreviousTitle() function from the $ionicNavBarDelegate but I have so trouble with some pages.
Here is an example :

As you can see, the back button displays the title of the previous page for some milliseconds and then it disappears.
I think it’s because I set the title of the page dynamically in my nested page, like this :

<ion-view title="{{analysis.libelle_analyse}}">

Another problem is that when I come back to the root page, the title of the previous page appears during a very quick moment too :

Does anyone has a problem with this feature ?


Mind throwing this in a codepen? Also, have you tried this with the nightly builds?


I made a demo here :
Weird fact, I can’t reproduce my first issue.
But when you come back from the “nested home”, you can see that its title appears very quickly in the navbar.

EDIT : It disappears when I set the title in a promise callback, I’ve edited my pen :


Same issue here. Seems to have just happened with our upgrade from beta 1 to beta 6 today.


I got it working over here


@mhartington, I forked your pen very quickly to more closely replicate our environment - title set to scope variables, navigating to same state/controller and replacing the scope variable, etc. - and it seems to work fine within your structure. So I guess I’ll keep digging to figure out why the button text is disappearing within our project.

@jgx, this pen just has attendees formatted as links, then you can navigate to each one, causing the back button to update. This is very similar to our enviro. Hope this might help you somehow isolate the source of the error: