Problem installing apk

Hello! I have a problem installing the apk file in my android movile phone (is not only in my phone). I create a ionic app with

  • ionic start myApp sidemenu after that
  • ionic cordova platform add android, and finally
  • cordova build android --release

When I execute ionic serve run perfect but when I try to install my apk file in my android movile phone I can’t install it, I have this message: “X application not installed”

Somebody know can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance!!


for publish on store, the apk must be signed and zipaligned. Maybe for installing it on device this is necessary with a apk generate with --release. So at my device I get the same error as you descriped without signing and zipaligned.

Using ionic cordova build android or ionic cordova build --prod are both running on my device without siging and zipaligned. (edit ionic 3)

Hope it helps, anna-liebt.