Can I push a zipalign apk to the phone?

I’m not sure why, but cordova let you do builds in one command line.

cordova build android --prod --release – --keystore=PATH --storePassword=??? --alias=??? --password=???

Not sure why Ionic doesn’t do that (I can actually run that in an Ionic app directory but not sure if its missing something).

Following these commands.

ionic cordova build --release android
Gets me an unsigned apk.

run jarsigner it created a android-release.apk

I run zipalign, looks like its all successful. I wanted to try it out on the phone (the finally version) but I’m getting a message App Not Installed. The package appears to be corrupt.

Surfing the web seems to point to different sdk versions or something? The zipalign tool that one I currently have was using is 26.0.2

Somebody people will actually write helpful error messages.

Should zipalign be working?