Create installable APK, but not for Play Store


I know my HTML5, but I don’t know much about android infrastructure. Maybe you can help me:

Have successfully developed several Android apps with Ionic (v1) and submitted them to Google Play. Took me a while to figure out the command line “build release --> sign via jarsigner --> optimize via zipalign” process (and frankly, I have no idea what it is I’m actually doing in these steps, I just know that it works eventually when I follow my step-by-step list). So that’s all fine.

Now I would like to create an .apk out of one of these apps that I can send to someone and they can install it on their device. When I sent them the .apk I created for the Play Store, they cannot install it (probably due to whatever happens in the signing/etc process described above). They tell me apk probably not signed correctly. It’s the same apk I submitted to the Play Store quite a while ago.

So I guess my question is: How can I build an apk file that I can simply send to someone so they can install it on their device?


You can just run your build release command and skip the signing and zipalign steps.


By running the command ionic cordova build android. You will find the apk file in the folder of the app where you added the platform–>android–>build–>ouput–>apk .


Thanks! I cannot believe I didn’t think of this myself…