Plugin DatePicker not working correctly when using scroll=true

Hi there,
I am using the Cordova Plugin to deal with Date and TimeInputs (with Ionic Beta 13). The pluginbehaviour is correct unless i use it in a non scrollable view. Within a scrollable view, the modelproperty wont be updated correctly and the click event is not fired again.

The native dialog via input type=date is no option for me…

Similar problem can be found here

greetings, m

I can concretize the problem a little bit: It only occurs when the view does an auto scroll (after closing the dialog of the datepicker). So my datepicker-inputfield is half-below the screen, below some other inputs and an imagebanner. After clicking into the inputfield i can choose the date, leaving the dialog, the view does a little autoscroll, everything is fine. You can repeat this procedure two times again. At the third time, the datepicker wont open the dialog anymore AND no other Inputfield is selectable, too…