Opening datepicker breaks scroll

First of all, I believe this is related to Instead of using an HTML5 “date” type, though, I’m using “hidden”. I then manually open the datepicker when the hidden input’s label is tapped, so I can have more control over it and do some prep work. The problem is that after opening and closing the datepicker, scrolling breaks. However, if I change the type to “date”, it works (except that angular throws an error because my ngModel isn’t in the expected format). So it appears the “keyboardBrowserFocusIn” in ionic is called for hidden inputs (see the fix for #1638: Why? And is there a work-around for what I want to do?

Btw, I’ve tried opening the datepicker manually, triggered by a timeout, and it works without breaking the scroll.

As a hack-fix, after compilation, I set type=“date”. That seems to work, but I’d really welcome a cleaner solution.