Android HTML5 Date Input breaks Scroll

I’ve run into a problem using HTML5 date inputs. I’ve found that after having focussed on an input and the native Android datepicker appears, I can no longer scroll the ion-list in my application. I can recreate the problem with a couple of small changes to the ionic sidemenu starter project.

The only changes from the starter project are

  1. Add some more items to the list so that it fills more than the height of a screen
  2. Add a date input to the playlist.html page.

It works fine as long as you never focus on the input. Once the Android datepicker appears it is no longer possible to scroll without restarting the app.

Please note that this works fine in the browser, it is only when I run it on a device that I have the problem.

I am running it on a Nexus 5 Android 4.4.3

Has anyone come across this?


Hey there! So this has been resolved in the nightly builds. Thanks for pointing it out!