Scrolling is not working after using Datepicker


Hi, i have a strange behaviour on Android. After opening the Datepicker with input type=“date” all the content in any view is not longer scrollable. I tried to fix it with the datepicker plugin and input=“text”, but did not work. From the moment the datepicker opend, no scrolling at all …


I reply to myself ;-), i downgraded beta 6 to beta 3 and everything works fine …


I have the same issue. Did someone look at this already? I don’t see myself downgrading back to beta 3…
It has probably something to do with the ionic Cordova keyboard plugin? It detects if a keyboard is showing, but a date picker is some kind of overlay in Android. You don’t have this problem on iOS because they’re all “keyboards”.


I tried some things out, removed type=date, instead i took text with the date picker plugin and no scrolling, type=time, no scrolling, text without date picker, no probs … the only thing that worked for me was to downgrade. maybe you have to wait until beta 7 is out, could not take too long …


I have the same issue. This is the same problem like with a regular text-input field. Except, Ionic fixed that issue by providing a Keyboard plugin. This plugins checks the height of the viewport and uses the offset to determine whether to set a specific property (and fix the scrolling issue that way).

The problem with HTML5 input fields (like date and time) is that they don’t change the viewport height, because no keyboard is shown at the bottom of the screen. Instead, an overlay is used to show the datepicker. Thus, the keyboard plugin is not triggered.

I’m afraid this issue can only be fixed if someone comes up with a plugin that can detect the overlays that are used for date pickers. In the meanwhile, a custom (html) datepicker is our best option to prevent the scrolling issue.