Please suggest regarding game questions functaionality

Please suggest answer regarding functionality in ionic4:
I would like to build an ionic app where two user
1.)Look into eye of each other
2.)User one selected the category then question will come on user one screen
3.)User one read the question
4.)User two listen the question
5.)User two prompt with answer, he will opt answer
6.)After that User two will ask question from user 1 same user 1 listen user2 then answer the question
7.)and show on
after 15 questions this quiz will completed, i need to save this conversation as well if any user left then it will start for resumed postion

Please suggest approach for this
Satyendra Kumar Singh
+91 9205293272

This is a community support forum that is staffed by volunteers. So if you are wanting assistance on a specific issue you are having, the most efficient way to proceed would be to post:

  • enough of the code you have for people to reproduce your environment
  • a description of the difference between what that code is doing and what you want it to do

Alternatively, if you would prefer, I (or you, I think) can move your post to the “jobs” subforum where you can look for partners to assist you more substantially with your needs.