Suggestion required for implementation

I have 158 question within several types selective answers like yes or no, 3 answers, 4 answers and finally 8 descriptive answers.
The users should be able to go back and correct the previous answers, easily close and continue next time.

what is your idea of the better ways of implementing this part?

No any help or suggestion ?

Hello @rsa, all your questions are predefined or you create them on run time dynamically?

Hi @umerf6455, this is consultancy and psychology test App. there for tests are defined the answer sheet will be fulfilled by the user then a short description of analyzing will send to user and full description of test parts will be available for the psychologist.

Ok. There are plenty of options for that. I recently developed an app for strengths illumination based on user answer the question. In that, I take quiz having pre loaded and predefined questions and on the basis of that I show a report and had an option to email. I used a single page having a card where I displayed the question, below that I showed the option user can choose and at the bottom there is the question number/total questions. Every time user selects an answer, next question loads and it goes on till the end. Here are the attached screenshots:
Here I have shown 4 different types of answers user can select.
Please let me know if you want this kind of solution or if you liked my idea. I’ll guide you further if you want.

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Thanks, I was thinking to use an alert box but for me, it was not good enough Idea.

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You are welcome @rsa. Happy to help you :slight_smile: