Help / ionic adviser required


I have multiple programming exp, but almost none with ionic and making the production app now with ionic 3.
I’m also pretty bad with front-end stuff :smiley: (but with TS definitely feeling better).

Sometimes running into bugs/problems which must be casual for the person who have exp with ionic => spending tons of time to fix that small things.

SO and this forum doesn`t help much.

Looking for the person who can help me with solving such probs (example of the latest Ion-select with the nested values).

per task basis.

P.S. i’m not good with ionic, but i do know how a well-structured code looks like - please apply if you have more then “beginner” expedience.

P.M. here.

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Hello @opahopa,

I am happy to work with you on this project. Please contact manish[at]opensourcetechnologies[.]com or skype manish.osuniverse


I can help you.

Hello @opahopa,
Hope you are doing well.

I would like to help I have sent you a PM please check I have more than 3+ years of experience working with ionic, you can add me on Skype ID: cis.ron or we can communicate through email my email :

Looking forward for your reply.

Ron Anderson

Hi @opahopa, We can surely discuss the work. Keenly interested to work with you.

Experience: 4+ years and hence assured global standards.

Look forward to hear from you.

Email: | Skype: hello.addweb


only individuals, please.

I think he just asked for help, not looking to hire someone…

Hire, but as help/adviser.
Not someone who is gonna do the proj instead of me.

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@opahopa Can provide you an individual developer.

The post is still actual.

No outsourcing agencies.
Only high-skilled individuals.
Payment can be high depending on your skill. (will need some of your source samples to evaluate)

current sample

still looking for a proper person.