Ionic2 help


I am newbie in Ionic. I must create 40 questions in my app with ionic 2 and after answering a question and push continue button next question appears with the same design… any documentation or sample?



Could you help me with a sample?


No, I just made you realize you posted the exact same thing already. That is very rude and impolite to the other users here.


sorry , I just need a help and want someone to help me an ask it again maybe someone help me ! is it Rude ?


If nobody answered, then posting the same question again is impolite, yes.
If you have to post again because you couldn’t figure out how to do this, at least include what you did yourself to solve the problem. Right now it looks like “please do my homework for me, I don’t even want to think about it and google for five minutes”.


sorry for your view and your judgement! no one force you to answer my question or be a teacher to teach me how to behave! I ask them in 2 different way after couple of days because I was thinking maybe it is not a clear question and please if you can not help dont disturb me!


Well, good luck getting your question answered!