Please can someone show me how to make a simple modal in a tabbed layout?


I just don’t see how I can do it. The docs are not clear at all.

I could do this easily in Ionic 1 but in Ionic 2 I just can’t work out where to put the code in the ts file.

None of the examples show this and everywhere they have code I already have other code.

eg. in the modal docs there is a link to the source code, where there is this:

constructor(public modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

But in the code for the page in the tabbed starter at this point in the code you have this:

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController) {

I just can’t understand how or why this has to be so hard. In Ionic 1 it’s explained easily, but now I’m just unable to really do anything with Ionic 2.

I would suggest going through the entire Hall of Heroes, but for this particular question, check out the DI docs.

Thanks, I’ll do this.

Going through this.

Very useful! Thanks so much.

This should be on every budding Angular/Ionic dev’s list.

I still can’t work out the modals!