Phonegap to ionic migration

Hi i’m new to ionic app flow,previously i was working on phonegap and they stopped their support for build and i gone through their documentation to migrate phonegap to ionic based this url: PhoneGap Migration Guide and i finished as per the steps in that document and i finished everything but i can’t build it to an android app i attached the screen shot below.

My Question:

  1. Why i can’t build my app using free tool?
  2. Is there restrictions for using Hobby appflow for migration ?
  3. How to build app in Hobby appflow

Thanking You,

Hi gopinath_mariappan,

Yes, you would need to upgrade the Launch or Growth plan to build for native. With a free plan, you can only do a web build.

Only web builds are available with a hobby (Free) plan. More info on different plans available for Appflow subscription is available here

If you are facing any further issues, I would encourage you to contact the Appflow support for further assistance.


Hi Likhith_Aalla,

thank you for your support :grinning: