Live update with free plan


I want to try the Ionic Appflow for my Android app, I see that I have 100 live update monthly.

I successfuly link my app to the ionic git and commit/push my code.
I installed the Appflow SDK too in my app.

Actually, I want to try the live update but apparently I need a build for that and the build require the premium plan…

What is the way to do that so ?

Thank you in advance


You can build the app locally. Live updates only require a passing web build, not a native build.

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As @mhartington said, in the free plan, you do your development as usual, with local iOS/Android builds.
The app is connected via the AppFlow SDK to the AppFlow system.
Once you pushed your changes to your repository, you can create a WebBuild (not native), this includes actually everything that happens in your “app” folder.
This will be then updated on the devices who have the App installed.
It takes a minute to get into it, but it works perfectly.

Have an eye on your device if you it use for your development locally! It happened to me that my local changes have been overwritten by the webbuild on AppFlow, as I haven’t configured the versioning properly :slight_smile: (Still struggling a bit with this)