Looking for PhoneGap Build alternative

I can build my (Bootstrap JQuery) app on PGB. But I need to find an alternative because of the iOS SDK 13 situation. With PGB I can:-
1 build for iOS and Android
2 build iOS without a Mac (except Transporter for submit (I use macincloud))
3 use a few cordova plugins

I thought the solution was AppFlow. But support has said this is not straightforward. still investigating.

I want to minimise code/config changes

so what are more options if appFlow is not suitable? I supect

  • get a Mac (or macincloud) and build locally
  • Capacitor (maybe)

If I build locally on a Mac do I need any Ionic at all or is Cordova enough?


Did you read my migration guide? https://ionicframework.com/docs/appflow/cookbook/phonegap-build-migration


Hey Peter, just to add a bit - check out the migration guide Chris posted and no, Ionic is not required. There’s just a couple of simple steps to get Appflow to recognize your Cordova app.

thanks for the link. I am working thru it. Unfortuanately got stuck at git. My git repo server is not github.com . I would have thought that if Ionic supports github.com then it can connect to any git repo. But I dont see how to do it. Do I have to (somehow) connect my repo with github.com ?

I created a private repo on github and made it a remote from my repo. I was able to link this to AppFlow. (Disapointed that I am foced to use github)

I got some build errors and ended up removing my cordova platforms and committing that which seemed to resolve the errors. I now get a .ipa file (no .apk for some reason??).

When I click on the .ipa in AppFlow from an iPAD, it downloads the file but does not install it. (The iPAD UDID is in the provisioning file). I cannot work out how to install the file so I have not been able to test it.

I should add that I am using a Developer certificate. Perhaps I should be using a Distribution AdHoc certificate??