Using Ionic framework with PhoneGap?


We have developed mobile app using cordova cli and ionic framework. Now we want to upload our app to the phonegap build but for that our project should be with phonegap not cordova. Here ionic clearly says that " We strongly recommend using Cordova proper for your apps, and the Ionic tools will use Cordova underneath.". What it means, Is it means that we can only use cordova, what if i use phonegap with ionic framework? Please give me reply as soon as possibel, because we stucked here…


i’m using Ionic with phonegap, cordova, too. And it’s good work. just keep config.xml in www folder ionic and plugins.
i think easy ionic just is a css, js framework. it same bootstrap twitter. we just use js, css, html as template.
but if we have a answer from ionic is the best.


Thank you @hoangloi. Shall i need to keep config.xml into www folder. May i know what is the reason?


i think because when we create new app with phone gap it have a config for sever cordova understand it’s for phonegap. and when move a ionic project to it we need keep it. phonegap still understand it’s project for phonegap, it don’t attention what ionic use, again ionic just html css js.
this is my understand, i’'m not sure but it’s working. we still need one answer from @iondev team.