Parallax background in slides

Hi all,

I’m trying to get a parallax scrolling background in the slides view. My problem is that the background images showing up only on the first slide. I want to repeat them to fill all slides seamlessly. I’m not sure if it is my bad css skill or other things.
I have made a plunker to demonstrate my problem.

One thing that I found out from the swiper api is that if I could make the images as a direct child of “swiper-container”, the parallax effect will depend on total slider progress. But I think I cannot do that without modifying the ion-slides component.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you happen to figure this out? I was going to add it to my app if it was easy an easy fix.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.
I ended up using ngx-swiper-wrapper for Angular 2. You can use the directives to build your own swiper component as you wish.

Kind Regards