Ionic slides -more than 1 ion-slide on your view page

has anyone figured out how to get more than 1 ion-slide on your view page without them interfering with each other i.e when i try to swipe through the first slide it affects the second slide

This issue is fixed in the latest master, but I believe it can’t be installed yet due to a conflict between Angular 4 and Angular 5 :frowning:

For now I am using ngx-slider-wrapper which is an Angular wrapper over the amazing Swiper component, which incidentally was the original inspiration for the ion-slides a couple years back :slight_smile:

Any chance you share a snippet? Though now (2018-01) ion-slides show 2 slides per page no problem (at least for me) there are many sub-features missing. I need a flexible alternative

Hi @michaelkariv by a snippet do you mean how to use ngx-slider-wrapper?

Yes. I would rather use ionic native control over angular, but if I can’t make it work with ion-slides, I’ll do what you did.