Using ng-repeat only displays the first element on the screen. If I have a look in the $scope.slider it shows that all my data is loaded into its data structires, but when I move to the next slides it shows nothing.

Not sure where to go from here.


Hi Thanks. I tested but get the same result. I implement the swiper.js which ion-slides are based on and the same, its like the other slides are hidden or not being made action.


Have you updated your ionic version

You need to post some code. Create a codepen with a sample of what you are doing so we can reproduce it and see what’s going on. It’s difficult to help with no code, no example, no screenshots, no console errors, etc.

Thanks for the update guys. I found the issue, I had a overflow:scrollon the page to allow for scrolling downward, but that interfered with the animation. Had to put it on each individual slide, and that sorted it out

Thanks again.