OSX desktop App with ionic2

I hv been using ionic to create iPhone apps.
The process is somewhat straight forward, I just build, open in Xcode, and then archive to upload in iTunes connect.

Assumed I created a responsive app. Is it possible to build an OSX app version of it to run on desktop ? If so What would be different? Is it sth to do with the settings during build in Xcode?

It’s actually quite different.

There’s an experimental cordova platform that you could test out.

ionic platform add osx

Which will create a desktop osx project for you.

I would actually look at using Electron from Github as the app wrapper for your Ionic app. A bit old, but Ray Camden wrote about this: https://www.raymondcamden.com/2015/07/23/some-initial-thoughts-on-building-desktop-apps-with-ionic-and-electron/


Very much so.
I’ve been using electron very successfully for my security camera app. Same code for android iOS Linux Mac and Win. I have many users of the desktop apps so I know it works really well.

Build instructions and code are open. The key thing I had to do was find alternate JS code to Cordova plugins as in desktop mode Cordova doesn’t exist. The post by @mhartington above is interesting, but it’s likely you are using Cordova plugins that have specific code for iOS and android which won’t work in desktop land.