Ionic app on desktop using electron

Hi there,
First of all ionic 2 is awesome, amazing framework to build hybrid cross platform application using the tech we already know.
Thanks Ionic Team.
I am bit curious to know that whether we can create an desktop application with ionic 2 using Electron
Because I see an electron logo right after google chrome’s logo on WRITE ONCE. DEPLOY ANYWHERE. block/section from ionic frameworks website homepage
I was not able to find any documentation neither on ionic website nor on electron website.
Also not on any other reference on the Web.
Please let me know if any available documentation to implement ionic 2 on electron for desktop applications.


Yes, it is possible. Googling for “Ionic Electron” should give you lots of tutorials.

My question: if you can build a desktop app with Ionic & Electron, what kind of desktop app is this going to be? is it going to be a regular software which can be installed using .exe file? or is it going to be some kind of app for Chrome store? or Windows app store?
I have no idea about Electron so need some info.


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Yes, you can build it out to an exe.
It supports multiple platforms:

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See: Build a Desktop Application with Ionic and Electron