On-the-Go curated travel photo service

Hello all,

On-the-Go is a photo curation service for vacation/travel photos, and it’s build on ionic beta14. My goal with the App is to make it super simple to send a stream of travel photos from your mobile device to our curators in the cloud and have them pick out the good shots for you. Top Picks are sync’d directly with the CameraRoll on the device. A full description of the service is available here: http://app.snaphappi.com/on-the-go/.

The UX is focused on sharing a photo stream to the cloud with the minimum number of taps while still offering the user a reasonable amount of control. I would be grateful if my fellow Ionic developers could take some time to try it out and give me feedback on the usability.

On-the-Go is available on the iOS AppStore at this link: