Demo app for a live photo feed with Firebase

Hi all,

I thought some of you might be interested in this live photo feed demo app that I put together for a meetup presentation:

What I loved about making this example app was how easy it turned out to be with Firebase and Ionic/ngCordova to make an Instagram style live photo feed - adding users and such to this example would be trivial as well, feel free to do that if you like. Try running the app on your phone and opening it up on your desktop at at the same time, then take a photo with your phone and you will see it reflected immediately on your desktop. Only tested with Android and Nexus 5.

Thanks for the great work Ionic team, I’m really enjoying using this tool.



Nice Job, thanks for sharing this :smile:

nice share thought. but can you make some completed tutorial how to use this file. coz i’m never use firebase before. thanks

only 3 steps to use this app,

  1. execute cmd line: bower install
  2. change to your own firebase app url in app.js
  3. execute: ionic serve

Good luck :smile:

At last I have a question: how to take a picture and upload to my own firebase?

Thanks for sharing! But I cannot take a picture after I install this app in my android device(4.4.2), and I changed the firebase to my own URL still failed.

Hi @airtoy - that’s odd, what error are you seeing?