Offline First App - Backend Options Advice


I’m working on a travel application that will need great offline support. Its basically a way that I would like to plan an itinerary. Each trip will have days and each day will have plans. I may also want to query this data later to see where people are traveling, etc.

There will be multiple users that can login via any social network and local. It should sync between devices and eventually a desktop app.

I’m trying to figure out the best backend solution. I really want to to use firebase due to the documentation but I keep hearing their offline support for Ionic is not as robust as native.

I’ve also looked in to couchdb/pouchdb and couchase. May be Node with CouchDB with a server layer for authentication

I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has faced this challenge and has any advice? What did you end up doing and how is it working out?

Hi, what did you end up using ? I have an app that uses Firebase quite a bit, but I hit the offline limitation for Ionic (js sdk). From what I could research it looks like CouchDB would be the way to go, but would like input of others on this. Thanks !