This, this or that? - My first Ionic App is now live


Finally, my app just got approved by review team and it’s available on App Store! It’s very simple app which help you choose your best profile picture basing on other people opinions. You can also help other users and vote for their pictures.

For those who are interested about tech, App - Ionic obviously with a lot of plugins, Backend - Node.js (Express) hosted on AWS with ElasticBeanstalk + MongoDB (MongoLab)

Get it here:

@thoorne I installed it on my phone and it’s pretty cool app. Very nice job!
Do you have the code as open source?

This looks like a really nice app. It looks like you put a lot of hard work into that, congratulations!! I never heard of AWS and elastic beanstalk. Thanks for mentioning them, iI’m definitely going to be looking more into them as my first app gets closer to completion.