Offline modus possible?


currently im evaluating if we want to use capacitor or develop an native android app. One advantage in using capacitor im seeing is that i would configure capacitor to use an external URL (hosted ionic angular app) and being able to update my app without touching the installed app.

But we also have the requirements that our app has to provide some kind of offline modus for training szenarios in which the devices does not have any network access. In this case it should be possible to switch to an offline modus and see static data.

As far as i have researched i didnt find a way to combine these two wishes

  • use external URL to easily update the app
  • being able to start/navgiate through the app while offline

Thats why im asking for help, is there a way to achieve that? Do you see any way how that maybe could be achieved?
Im imageing a couple of ways:

  • the app tries to connect to the webserve and fails, then fallbacks to the cached sources from the last successful call
  • Configure the app to contain the sources (as i didnt configure the capacitor configuration to target an external server) but being able to switch somehow in the device/app configuration to either use the cached sources or call the server
  • … other ways

I would be very happy if you can find any ways which could solve my problem, which i can try.

Hello @pleicht,

For the updates:

  • Have you considered using the Ionic Appflow for automated updates?

For offline mode:

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