Is it intended to use an external address? (Production Env)

I am fascinated by the idea of displaying an external website in my capacitor android app, especially in production mode.

I have already successfully implemented this in a prototype. The advantage of being able to update the app content without having to touch the native app has many advantages and opens up new possibilities.

Before I use this approach in an app that is used in business and somewhat critical, my question is whether it is intended to be used in this way and also for the production mode? Or should i not use capacitor this way?

Im very grateful for any feedback! Are there developers who are using capacitor like this?


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Is your question pointing to the Ionic App-flow or to the external website visualization ?


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it’s not pointing to the Ionic App-flow, i think. I’m just using capacitor with ionic/angular and following this docu:

More details:
Im achieving what im asking by configuring the capacitor.config.json like this:

“server”: {
“url” : “URL”

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Okay, what exactly is worrying you?

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From what i read till now from this feature to state an external URL im not sure if this feature is just for debugging purposes or is it intended to be used even in production environments?

Which means that its perfectly fine to state an external URL in the config and ship this app to the customer.

If the docs don’t state that this should not be used in prod env, I would assume that you are good to go.

The best way to find out is with internal testing from the app store providers.

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Ok thanks. So far i found no information (means no information in the official docu) regarding this “server”/“url” setting in the capacitor configuration. So i was complettly clueless about the purpose of this feature.

Ok, so i think we will try it with some internal tests. Thanks!

Happy to help, you can find more information on the config here:

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How was your experience in the meantime? Would be very interested as I had the exact same intention as you had.