Ionic with Cordova/Capacitor - Auto update html/javascript

sorry if this is not the right place to ask this I’m currently building an Angular 8 (probably upgrade to 9 soon) with material as a PWA.

The app is being used by staff out in the field collecting data. It has to work when the device is offline hence the PWA route. However, there are a few limitations when using PWA (especially collection location data if the screen is off) that I would like to solve if possible.

So, I was thinking that swapping to Ionic with Cordova/Capacitor might be an option. But, the one thing I’m finding difficult to get solid information on is how updates work in this scenario. With a pure PWA the device will get notified when there is a new version and can self update. Is this a possibility for a Ionic with Cordova/Capacitor native app? Or will I need to publish a new app to the store every time I change my html/javascript?

If anyone has some good links about this I’d really appreciate that too. :slight_smile:

You can use Ionic Deploy for pushing updates (HTML/JS/CSS) without going through app store.