Loading the app from server on every start - possible & good idea?

Hi there,

currently im evaluating capacitor, because soon we start to develop an android app, but our main business ist web development. Im checking the advantages using a container like capacitor with a webapp instead of for example xamarin. In my imagination on advantge was that i can deploy the app as often as i want to our external hosted web app and the android app just shows the new content without touching the android at all.
In my test set-up i configured to show the app from a hosted url and it works fine, but when i update the website without touching the android app it stills shows the old version (i added a simple button but its not shown).

Is there a way to accomplish that, does support capacitor such scenario and its a “best practice”?
I didnt find info about that in the documentation.

Edit: I found out that the problem only occurs when my webapp is an angular app, when i put a simple and plain html file with some text i can see the changes but not with angular.

Thanks for any feedback!