OAuth redirection (ngCordova OAuth and Windows Azure

I am trying to use OAuth within my project, and I get the same results when using the ngCordova OAuth and Azure Mobile Services OAuth. It seems to log me in okay and then it just goes to a blank white screen.

Azure seems to work in the browser, but both work the same in Ionic View.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Can you share the Azure Oauth code you’re using? Also what errors are you receiving in your logs?

Hey were you able to find a solution to this. I am having the same issue using firebase auth. It works in the ios simulator, but when i used ionic view, it does not redirect back. I just see a blank white screen.

Here is the log in function I have wrapped in a service that I just call from my controller. I’ll have to work on implementing some error logging for testing on devices, I’ve been running in the browser until now.

function login(provider) {
        var defer = $q.defer();
        self.client.login(provider).done(function (user) {
            if (user === null) {
                defer.reject('Null Azure User');
            } else {
                $localstorage.set("userId", user.userId);
                $localstorage.set("mobileServiceAuthenticationToken", user.mobileServiceAuthenticationToken);
        }, function (loginError) {
            defer.reject('Azure Login Error');
        return defer.promise;

I think this is a problem with the Ionic View app or some setting I don’t have set right relating to it. The log in works when running on my android device through the Ionic CLI/Android Studio so I’m not sure how to get errors surrounding the issue. I have the same problem with the Android Ionic View app as well as the iOS one.

Any suggestions on how to narrow this down?