ngCordovaOauth ios not working

When im running emulator, my auth is working fine, but when i upload my app to ionic view and test it there, it isn’t working. No redirect to /app/wall. Below is the function which calls when i press the button “Log in”. with -l -s -c flags it returns me my res.

$scope.loggin = function(){
     $cordovaOauth.vkontakte('4946013', ['offline', 'wall', 'friends', 'status', 'messages']).then(function(res){
      $localStorage.token = res.access_token;
    }, function(error){
      console.log("Error > " + error);

Hey @genuris,

I also responded to you on StackOverflow:

Due to incompatibilities between the InAppBrowser and Ionic View, ngCordovaOauth will not work.

To use this library you need to build and install directly to a device or simulator.