Ionic View redirection issue (AMS/OAuth)

I’m using Azure Mobile Services and the OAuth back end log in service they provide. This works fine in the browser, and when running/emulating on a device. But, I get the same issue in Ionic View within android and iOS app.

I am able to be directed to the providers page (facebook/twitter…) and successfully log in, and then I just get redirected to a blank white page and can’t go anywhere from there.

I think my Callback URL is correct, not sure what other settings to mess with. Any suggestions or someone with similar issues?

Also suggestions on how to capture and output logs within Ionic View like this would be appreciated :D.

console.log(“testing A”) is going to be a good bet on that. You can even use the on enter, before enter events, and such, that the view will fire when things happen. If I’m trying to detail how everything is going down I will log and change the letter and add a number for different portions.

So for the logging you could use “A1” for when it submits auth “A2” when it returns to the app, then when it’s supposed to go to the new state you can do “B1” and “B2” maybe. Just to get a good overview. I haven’t worked too much with OAuth so I wouldn’t be able to exactly help on that side.

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think I have the ability to view the log in the Ionic View app or some emulators