Login / InAppBrowser support for Ionic View

Has anyone used a login service with the Ionic View app or can suggest a good workaround for one? I’ve been wanting to have users start testing the app but I’ve tried the ngCordova OAuth and Azures OAuth service with no luck because I think they both use the In App Browser which isn’t supported in Ionic View.

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I’ve used ngCordova OAuth on an ionic view app with no issues (FB auth only) and used inappbrowser for other parts of the site via window.open and it works fine

Interesting, maybe I’ll have to give the ngCordova OAuth another try, I can’t remember specific issues I was having. With azure, it seems to authenticate without errors but then just redirects to a white screen that I can’t navigate away from.

Are you using the app in iOS? Wehn I use the inappbroswer I’m never able to navigate back to the app.

Yep, using the app on iOS and android, both with the address bar and without. i’ve added event handlers to close the inappbrowser after redirecting to a specific url and it works well enough for me

May I know which service/library you’ve used for OAuth?
I’m facing a similar issue: