Numst3rs - hybrid game for children using Ionic, AngularJS

Have a nice day dear community! We have created a simple game for kids using standard technologies, Ionic, AngularJS, HTML5, etc.

We will be very glad if you can view it, play and share your impressions, as it is our first game) Thank you.

Numst3rs link in Google Play

So, about our game:

The Numst3rs are a happy group of creatures who live and play on the thirty islands of Numsterland. They work in the fields growing and harvesting numbers which is their only food source. Each year at harvest time, the Numsters go out into the fields and bring the numbers back to the barns, where they sort them to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. However, there is a wicked wizard trying to stop them……

Numsters are crazy funny weird looking creatures who wear a numeral from ‘0’ to ‘9’ on their bellies. All in all, there are 50 Numst3rs in the game. The action of the game is to pair the number on the Numsters belly to the one over its head.

Numst3rs is a challenge to the player’s quick reaction skills, and tests the player’s nerve for persistence and perseverance. The game has 30 levels and each level of the game has a different amount of chances as well as time limit to succeed in completing each level.

The thirty levels of the Numst3rs game are separated by episodes of an animated story about the Numsters themselves. To follow their story through each episode, players have to pass through each level of the game.

How to play

Each of the fifty Numsters is labelled with a number from ‘0’ to ‘9’ on his/her belly and above the player sees a rolling list of the numbers which appear in random order. When the player sees the same numbers both on the Numsters belly and up above, the player must click or touch on the Numsters belly. Each of the 30 levels must be completed in an increasingly difficult timeframe. If the player chooses wrongly or doesn’t react quickly enough, the player loses a ‘life’ (i.e., a chance) in that level of the game. This means the player must react more accurately and quicker for each level or lose chances to complete the level and be able to proceed through to the next level of the game.