The numbers game - made with ionic 5

This might sound off topic but it isn’t yes i used ionic to build a game, it’s not FPS dependent so all the logic that i needed was provided by ionic, check it out and let us know what do you think guys.

on our roadmap :

  • tournaments and daily challenges kinda riddles …
  • online matchs
  • Achievements, player levels

The numbers game is an arithmetic operations game, suitable for children and adults. Aiming to make mathematics learning fun, it provides useful learning paths for learning addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

The game is very suitable if you want to help your children or students learn mathematical operations, through guided competitions (matchs between them), where you can target a group of numbers and / or operations, … within the settings

Targeted matches make the numbers game a “play and learn” game, while you and friends can challenge them to a customizable math game.