Npm-debug.log files

I keep getting npm-debug.log files in my app directory every time i run ionic serve.

I am not getting any build errors but I do get some tslint warnings

Running ‘serve:before’ npm script before serve

ionic-app-scripts watch
[13:29:08] ionic-app-scripts 0.0.23
[13:29:08] watch started …
[13:29:08] build dev started …
[13:29:08] clean started …
[13:29:08] clean finished in 9 ms
[13:29:08] copy started …
[13:29:08] typescript compiler started …
[13:29:09] lint started …
[13:29:09] copy finished in 167 ms
[13:29:10] tslint: /Users/vfaller/x/src/providers/authentication-api.ts[2, 16]: Unused import: ‘Response’
/Users/vfaller/x/src/providers/authentication-api.ts[3, 10]: Unused import: ‘Observable’

The files are empty and they look like this



Same for me.

I’ve noticed this and a few other problems with Ionic 2 RC 0, for one I do a lot of debugging in the browser.

With Beta 11, console.log notifications would point to the file they originated (usually a ts file). But now, I’m only seeing js files and sometimes the console.log doesn’t point to the right file at all.

Also sometimes, my build does not complete. Altogether, the switch to RC 0 has not been smooth. Hoping these issues are worked out in later candidates.

This may be something with my project’s configuration - but I don’t think I’ve messed with anything.

@brown14 Good news!!

I ran this and I was able to get the ts files in the chrome debugger again

npm install @ionic/app-scripts@latest

I found this on this post

I don’t think this will fix the issue with the log files. And from what I can tell, there has been reports of issues with debugging on the devices

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