Debug ionic v4 in chrome dev tools?

I’m trying out an Ionic 4 project and I can’t see how to debug using chrome dev tools.
In v3 the typescript files were clearly visible and debuggable - is there a new compile option that makes it happen?
I’m using ng serve to run it and I can only see the bundled js files in dev tools.

I found them under the webpack folder!

ionic serve maybe instead of ng serve? does that make a difference

side note: the angular cli v6 doesn’t generate files anymore when running on serve, everything is done in memory therefore on the file system it’s normal that you don’t find files

thanks but ionic serve seems the same but runs on a different port.
I can see the ts files under webpack://./src/app

if I create a prod build and serve from the www folder, I get an application error if I hit refresh?
Have you seen this before? Maybe require a new thread for this…

maybe this error would be related to how you defined your routing? not sure, yep maybe another thread

wait in the title you speak about Ionic v4 but you tagger your post with v3…so you are speaking from Ionic Angular v4 right?

If v3, yep the refresh problem I faced it

v4 is right, there doesn’t seem to be a v4 cat for the thread , v3 must’ve slipped in there!
Could be a routing issue, but it only happens on a prod build.

only on prod build? interesting, I think I could refresh pages on both case now (I had to handle one or two things in my code to avoid empty params and stuffs) but I think it work in both case…I should give a try again