Console.log not showing up in run android -lc

My console.logs stopped showing up when I run ‘ionic run android -lc’

It shows up when I hit it in the web browser.

Based on this post I have tried to add this line to my package.json file:

"scripts": { "ionic:build": "ionic-app-scripts build", "ionic:watch": "ionic-app-scripts watch" }

but it gives me an error when I do a ‘ionic build android’ saying that ‘ionic-app-scripts’ is not recognized:


Here is my json.package, I highlighted what I added.

I tried to just remove the ‘ionic-app-scripts’ line in my package.json and it built correctly but it still did not log.



I just did a restart with a completely blank copy with ‘ionic start moment blank’ and I copied my www folder into the clean app. Then I did a npm install and ran my app. I am still not getting console.logs. Could this somehow be happening because of my code in my www folder? I don’t understand this. Any ideas? I am running on Ionic 1.