Now available: Rubyonic - Premium Ionic Template on Sale!


Now Available at these stores:
Creative Market:

  • Built with SASS: Every screen has its own .sass file (Eg. feed.html has feed.sass) and well structured partials . We’ll even point out the file relationships in the source code comments.
  • App-wide Color customization: We have a theme.sass file that controls the general color scheme for all screens. Useful if you want to set the overall scheme before you start digging in.

We’ll also be adding app specific screensets as add-ons in the future (Screensets for Food Apps, Chat Apps, etc), so you can plug into your existing rubyonic platform.

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Looks awesome. Nice real nice. Wish you wrote some tutorials on it!


@orthodoc that’s a good idea. I’m working towards may 31st to launch and will write tutorials on how to use it. Subscribe so you’ll know when it hits the stores.


A sneak peak on how easy it is to customize Rubyonic - without it getting in your way if you want to skin it on your own…

Where To get Premium Themes for ionic if any?

@orthodoc , @oriongunning

Early access is here!!

Ahead of our, Rubyonic is now available for demonstration. To view the demo, use app ID 2021343a via Ionic view app.

The app is using a color scheme called “Silver White”. Other Color Demonstrations are coming in and will be updated here. If you have any feedback/comment, mail me at

See you at launch!



I identify an issue in ios, the status bar is over the header :


Hi @malignois I see it. This is more of a compile issue that’s independent of rubyonic while using the Ionic View App . For some reason its not compiling as it should, and I’m not alone on this

Will dig into this deeper in case anyone else has the same issue. Thanks for the feedback.


@malignois , @orthodoc , @oriongunning

Rubyonic is now available at the following stores:

Creative Market:


Hi @malignois. The issue is now sorted. Thanks for the heads up.


This is a really excellent theme - great work! Using it in my app right now and loving it.

Ionic and these kinds of themes are going to make building apps as easy as building Wordpress sites.


I’m stoked that you like it! That’s really awesome to hear!

I want to see what you’ve done with it so far. Do you have an App ID? You can send me a PM


I actually might need your design help moving forward, I’ll PM you.


Update: Tinder screens now available

If you need a Tinder like app for anything, we’re introducing our newest addition to the rubyonic pack, tinder screens! You can swipe left and right the same way you would on tinder, with more functions for your immediate use and 4 distinct styles. They also feature the same color customization as the other rubyonic templates.

Tinder Card Features:

  1. 4 distinct card styles with color customization
  2. Swiped-card ready functions - exposed data per card (after swipe) for data processing/collection/saving operations (All code commented and explained step-by-step)

Also, we’re working on a showcase of apps built with rubyonic, we’ll be stoked if you could show yours. Send a mail to with the title “Built with rubyonic”.

More updates coming. Stay tuned!