Tinderonic - A premium styled Tinder Card Starter for ionicFramework


Tinderonic is a collection of 4 Tinder-style templates based on the ionicFramework ion-cards module. They have the swipe card functionality right out of the box and feature color customization via SASS. Use tinderonic to fast track your tinder-like app development and save time

Try Before you buy

Download the Ionic View app (view.ionic.io) and use the APP ID b2eedb1a
Tinderonic now available at the following stores:

  1. Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/mynRv


  1. Remote Api calls with our angular client, built into the tinder cards already. Just match your JSON format to the data structure provided in our zip file and you’re good to go. Tinderonic also solves the CORS issue when debugging from your browser.

  2. A new premium design, added at no extra charge. You’ll love our sidebars, matches and profile screens. your previous styles are still intact.

  3. A new walkthrough module! Showcase your app’s features with a walkthrough slider that comes with context-dependent buttons and color changing backgrounds per slide swipe!

For more info: http://audacitus.com/site/tinderonic/




Very beautiful!
Good work!

@cybernatic Thanks. I’ve added a whole bunch of new updates and a new design.

Is there a chance to release this theme for Ionic 2 in recent future? I am looking for Ionic 2 swiping (Tinder) cards.

What is ionic version?