Template Apps all have messed up status bar?

I started working on app about a week ago, got it to a good stage where I built it for my iPhone through Ionic Pro and figured the issue I was seeing in Ionic View was just an anomaly that wouldn’t appear in the final app that was built for my device because Ionic DevApp doesn’t have the issue. In fact, Ionic DevApp and “ionic serve -l” is the only places my app and the template apps display properly. You can see the problem in the screenshots I’ve attached. The status bar overlays the navbar. This is with all of the newest everything from Ionic, to the templates, to the iOS build to the iOS version. Everything is updated to newest and the default templates display this if built as an app for iOS or viewed in Ionic View… but they look perfect and function perfectly in Ionic DevApp. Am I missing something?

One of those is the tab app and one of those is the sidebar, but they all do it, even the blank which is what I started my app on.

After some more research, it seems related to the way Ionic Pro builds the apps: