Novice Q about start with Ionic

Hi guys, I web developer who good know Angular 1x and started working with second version. And in my future plans is creating mobile apps. So, is this framework where with my experience with front-end and backed side I can create mobile app, and this app will be able to work with camera, stream video and etc? Or I must forgot all I know and start from scratch? Thank you.

Yeah, with ionic you can create mobile apps. The fundamental blocks of ionic is angularjs and for ionic2 it is angular >= 2.

With Cordova / PhoneGap you get many native bridges to the device functionalitites like camera.

If you know how to create APIs with your backend knowledges and implement something like a token authentication, you are ready to start with ionic.

Cool, so I go to tutorial and watch some YouTube video for the start :slight_smile:
If you have some great tutorial and you can share with this it will be cool :slight_smile:
I found this but it not native. Because for now i don`t undesrtand where to start :slight_smile:

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