AngularJS Web application building

Hey all,

Ionic is pretty awesome, and I especially like the easy way to get started.

Is there something similar, but just for web application?

I espeically want something similar to the scaffolding “framework” (ionic start ), but for a website (not mobile application) and hopefully with roughly the same folder structures etc as Ionic.

Preferably using AngularJS and a simple UI framework


Actually, you could use Ionic for a web app. You target the ‘browser’ platform instead of a mobile platform. With the current trend toward progressive web apps, you might be ahead of the game starting with Ionic. Read this post from Ray Camden on this platform:

Angular itself has a CLI, but none of the ‘starter’ templates that Ionic offers.

Good luck,


I ended up using yeaom and angm (Angular Material) - a bit different from ionic but not harder than I am able to create my web backend application for my Ionic apps.