Not working: Ionic cordova vulnerability update


I received the email about the cordova vulnerability here

I followed the update instructions by running the update in the main directory but I got the error “Current working directory is not a Cordova based project”.

I had installed cordova globally and have projects in Ionic 3.

How can I do the update requested to remove the vulnerability?

Thank you.

Anyone else have this issue or a solution to this?

Something is wrong in your settings or you didn’t run the correct cmds

What exactly did you do? Which cmd did you run? Did you update to Webview v2.3.1 or v3.0.0?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Reed Richards.
I just ran these two in the Windows Command Prompt within the main folder which contained my Ionic projects):
cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-ionic-webview
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic-webview@latest

I also tried running the above two within the cordova folder (which contained cordova.js) and I got the following error:
Error: Object expected
Code: 800A138F
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

I had installed Cordova globally though.

Thank you

The commands should be run from the root of your project

I tried that and get the same error.

maybe try to remove/add the platform again…always tricky these cordova updates

Yep, I deleted and installed Cordova twice to get around it, but no luck.
How did you do your update?

Thank you.

Like described in the documentation

ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-ionic-webview --save
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic-webview@latest --save

I finally solved it by running ionic cordova platform add android, and then running the Ionic patches.