Current working directory is not Cordova-based project


I created a new project using ionic start myapp blank Now i am trying to add platform android to it but it is showing me and error stating Current working directory is not Cordova-based project. I have everything installed in the system.

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I tried reinstalling everything again… But nothing seems to work. Please help, Thanks.

I’m having the same problem. tried updating cordova. ran “cordova create .” from another thread. nothing seems to fix this. any updates?

I’m having the same issue after cloning an existing project down to a machine. Attempted to uninstall/reinstall ionic/phonegap/cordova without success. Also attempted the cordova create . command without any luck.

Did you enter the project directory:
cd myApp

And run cordova/ionic commands from inside this ‘myApp’ directory?

I am still having the same problem. Please help.