ngFx animation not working in IonicView or Crosswalk


I am using ngFx to animate a list of cards. It works perfectly (as I want) in the browser locally. But when I view the app in Ionic View (app) or install it on android device with crosswalk - all I get is a blank screen.
When I remove ngFx injection, I am able to see my App, but without the animation on an android device or in Ionic View.

angular.module('myapp', ['ionic','ngFx', 'ngAnimate'])

I am not sure what’s the problem, as there are no errors either, atleast nothing that I can see.
Anyone have this problem? Any tips or ideas on how to debug this?


Have you debugged your application? That’s the first thing to do: How To Properly Debug Your Ionic Application


Yes, I used the following console.log with -l -c -s options while running the build on device.

angular.module('myapp', ['ionic', 'ngFx', 'ngAnimate'])
.run(function($ionicPlatform) {
  console.log("app loaded");

I don’t see the log in the console logs. I also can’t see the page in the webview with crosswalk and remote debugging on Chrome. The url that the app is loading as per chrome is

Not sure what to do and why is this not working.


Me too facing the same issue.No error was shown in console and ionic acts as if no ng-fx is present.