Basic ngAnimate with ionic


i’ve installed ngAnimate using: bower install --save ngAnimate.
added to my app.module.

now, what i want to do is to do some simple animation to my image. the problem is everything i tried isn’t working.
lets say i want to turn the image in the ng-repeat to 100% width and padding: 10px
could you show me how i do that?

lets say i have this code:

  <ion-content class="has-header" scroll="{{scrollScope}}" on-scroll="onScrollEvent()">
	<div class="list blue_back">
		<div class="playlistClass" ng-repeat="playlist in playlists.results">
			<img src="{{playlist.user.picture}}" alt="">
				what is written here? im trying to bla bla bla and i also 
			  <div class="item tabs tabs-secondary tabs-icon-left afterOpen" style="display: none;">
				<a class="tab-item" href="#">
				  <i class="icon ion-thumbsup"></i>
				<a class="tab-item" href="#">
				  <i class="icon ion-chatbox"></i>
				<a class="tab-item" href="#">
				  <i class="icon ion-share"></i>


Any luck with this? I can’t determine if ngAnimate is included with Ionic or if it needs to be installed, I’m having no luck using animations, the ng-enter, ng-x classes aren’t being applied at all.